Why We’re Hooked on Phonics

Why We’re Hooked on Phonics

Oct 04

You’ve probably been wondering where we’ve been, while we can’t say exactly, more or less because Ethan is horrible about directions and last time we checked we had just passed over the border of Chile, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you.

And it seems that you haven’t forgotten about us either.

This past week, we received through the interconnected tubes that is the internet, a piece of correspondence that touched us in the most amazing way. And we don’t mean the way Brian hugs us just a little too long when he sees us.

Please read this letter that Shawn Sprankle sent in to us. Really we have no other words other than a simple “THANK YOU” to Shawn for these words. (posted with permission)

To whom it may concern,

I’ve been a huge fan of everything the crew at The Stream have done, ever since I first came across one of the many shows that you have hosted in recent years. That show being The Real Cool Club, back in February of 2010, when they hosted Kevin Pereira as a special guest, and words can’t describe how turned on I was to TRCC so to speak. It was a perfectly organized mix of on the spot humor, live fan interaction, and cleverly planned segments, all while staying relevant to everything going on in the world at the time. It was very easy to say that I was hooked from the very start, and from that moment on I looked forward each coming week to the chaos, and as Ethan Newberry best stated “Shenantics” that would unfold with each new episode of TRCC. I made sure that nothing stood in my way, when it came to tuning in live each week. In turn, I was extremely saddened when the infamous “Vancouver Vanish” took place, and I can still recall quite clearly how bummed I was that something so great had been so short lived, and as time went on I slowly moved on, but patiently awaited TRCC’s triumphant return to The Stream. Just over a year later, I was overjoyed to hear news that it was finally back, and I couldn’t have been happier, and once again planned my night around shows return. It could have been broadcast from Lindsay’s closet, and been nothing but forty five minutes of Chunk licking himself, but I would have been excited nonetheless. The slew of episodes that were broadcast after were awesome, despite the rust, and the transition period between studios. Despite the short-lived joy, and the shortly announced hiatus while the big move was made, just the fact that there was a temporary return to normalcy, and the hiatus would be short lived was incredible to hear. Fast forward to recently, the overhauled show was fucking amazing to say the least. The new studio, with all of it’s capabilities, combined with all of the things I previously loved about TRCC, and a grouping of amazing guests was so worth the wait. It came to the point where I spent a great deal of time talking about the show to my friends, and as time went on I organized quite a few of them over at my place to join in on all of the crazy shenantics. They were blown away, they loved it instantly, just as I had two years prior, and getting together to watch the show became a weekly ritual, which only added more to the awesome-ness that already was TRCC.

So here we are, once again at a period in time where TRCC ceases to be a part of my life, and I just can’t allow this to be so, at least not without making it known. While I’m not fully aware of what entails TRCC re-emerging on The Stream, here is a list of reasons why it should make a hasty return to the internet. First of all, TRCC is by far the top show on The Stream, for many reasons. I’ve sat down and watched every other show that you have to offer, whether it be Filmnut, or The Weekly Comet, and while both shows were quite good, they just could not compare to TRCC in my opinion. I didn’t feel the connection with any of the other shows initially, like I had when I first discovered TRCC, and despite many tries at feeling true exuberance in anticipating the new episodes, it just wasn’t there. With TRCC, there is an unrivaled level of interaction that takes place, which is doesn’t exist in any other show on The Stream. From the Chat-hole pre-show, throughout the show, and all the way to the end of the post-show, there is a distinct connection between Ethan, Lindsay, Scott, whomever the guest was, and the loyal viewers. The best examples I can give of that is the last three episodes: Power Hour, Jimmy Wong, and Lindsay’s Birthday. Power Hour was a night of pure chaos, in which everyone on the show bit the bullet, and downed some god awful substances, especially Lindsay, who was a trooper I might add, I could never have done a fraction of that. On my end, I was so ridiculously drunk, with a group of my friends, and I couldn’t have picked a better way to spend my birthday. Jimmy Wong was impressive, being able to keep an improved song going for the entirety of the show, at least to the interview portion, and working it into the many segments was incredible. And of course, the post show spawned the great song of all time, “Erwi Erwi, All Over Me” which I had suggested, but I had never expected such an fucking hilarious song to ensue as a result. And of course, Lindsay’s Birthday, while it did have the early lag problems, spawned one of the greatest cold opens, and had me in laughing on the floor for a good majority of the show. Each and every episode, there is something exciting going on, and gives TRCC an edge of every single show, which made participating essential to the overall experience. Even going back over the summer, and watching all of the old pod-casts, being so far displaced from the live airing, it was still exciting to watch everything unfold, and I still felt very “involved” so to speak with the show as it progressed.

Next, I’d like to point out the unparalleled amount of content in each episode. Every week there was so much going on, from the elaborate cold opens, to the many segments, which varied week to week, as well as the entire interview segment, which provided a lot of information, as well as a huge entertainment factor. Whether it was “Your Weekly Cool”, “Shut Up”, “Chunkstradamus”, or one of the many other great segments that were present, there was always so much to look forward to, and I feel as if this is another strong point of TRCC, which is lacking to some extent in the other shows produced by The Stream. And I’m in no way, shape, or form downplaying any of the other fine shows on The Stream, because I have enjoyed each and every one, but when it comes down to it they just never could compare to TRCC in my opinion, and never will. When you look at the interview segments, they were much more than that, and went as far as to incorporate elements and styles of the guests, to give it a unique feel to it. Whether it was Freddiew, and adding the sporadic targets that would pop up, or Jimmy Wong which incorporated elements of his obvious musical background. You can look at any given episode with a guest, and each time Ethan and Lindsay found a way to put a twist on it that was relevant and appropriate for whomever they were bringing in.

Finally, I feel as if TRCC allows Brian, as well as the rest of the crew to really put their technical skills behind the scenes to good use, as TRCC and all of the segments/elements/variations that take place require a great deal of syncopation, which cannot really be seen on any other show broadcast on The Stream. While it’s apparent that many of segments took many man hours, and great skills to pull off, let alone successfully so, it also gave the show an atmosphere larger than life, in which damn near anything could be accomplished, and from a viewer’s standpoint that was incredible. You really don’t see that anywhere else, and the fact that you are able to get the job done week in and week out makes it that much more incredible. Seriously, I respect the hell out of everyone at The Stream for being able to pull together and make each and every show run smoothly, with as few problems as possible, especially TRCC, because as I have already said, it really does require a great deal of work, but the pay out in the end is greater. In the end I could rant on forever in a day why I absolutely love TRCC, and everything that is done with the show. However, that is why I can strongly say without a doubt that it is by far the best show on The Stream, and why it is your duty to make sure that it comes back as quickly as possible, because I assure you that I will never stop watching, because each week it gets better, and maintains an edge over any other show on The Stream. I can guarantee that there are many others who would strongly agree with everything that I have said above, and could further support the rapid return of TRCC. Seriously, bring back TRCC, I will post on the wall of The Stream, resend this email over and over again, because that is how committed I am to making sure such a phenomenal show is returned to it’s rightful place!

-Shawn Sprankle (Or as I’m known in the Chat-hole, SprankMastaFlex)

PhotoChop Shop 8/23/11

PhotoChop Shop 8/23/11

Aug 23

In honor of it being Lindsay’s birthday last week we need your help for this week’s PhotoChop Shop. We need you to come up with some UH-MAZING Lindsay themed birthday PhotoChop Shops for her.  She doesn’t know it’s coming so we want these to be shocking and surprising.

Show Lindsay how much you love her as a host of The Real Cool Club.

And as always we’ll be giving out a token for the Aug xbox360 drawing and some Jinx.com codes to the winner and runner up. So get chopping and post your entries to TheStream.tv’s facebook page and tag us (The Real Cool Club). Make sure you post it to the Stream’s page not ours, this is how we get the entries.

Get Choppin!!!

Jimmy Wong in The Coolest Musical Ever – The Real Cool Club – S03E08

Jimmy Wong in The Coolest Musical Ever – The Real Cool Club – S03E08

Aug 11

Wowowowowowowowowowowow here it is. Our ALL MUSICAL EPISODE!!! We pretty much think it’s the bee’s knees. Do bees have knees? We digress. We couldn’t have done any of this with out the super dooper talented mr. guy man Jimmy Wong check his youtube page here and follow him on twitter @jfwong.

Share the hell out of it. Like seriously, put it on a billboard or something (we’ll throw in $3.38 towards the cost).

Also the standalone ERWI song is coming soon, we’ll let you know as soon as it’s up and where you can get it on iTunes. We’re going to make it the ringtone for whenever our Producer Andrew calls or texts us. ERWI, ERWI!!!!

Congrats to our winners of this week’s PhotoChop Shop. Make sure you get your entries in next time for your chance to win sweet gear from Jinx.com or a token to be entered into the xbox360 monthly drawing.

PhotoChop Shop Contest 8/9/11 Jimmy Wong

PhotoChop Shop Contest 8/9/11 Jimmy Wong

Aug 08

Contest time!!! As always we have a brand new PhotoChop Shop contest for you.

Take this pic of our guest Jimmy Wong and go to town. Be creative. Chop it up add whatever you want make us laugh, make us puke, whatever you think will blow our minds.

Jimmy will judge your entries LIVE on the show Tues night Aug 9th at 8p pst. So make sure to post your entry to TheStream.tv’s facebook page and tag us (The Real Cool Club). Make sure you post it to the Stream’s page not ours, this is how we get the entires.

You’ll be competing for a token to win an xbox 360 with kinect at the end of august as well as 1st and 2nd place will get $15 towards gear from Jinx.com.

Good luck everyone!!!


Jimmy “I will sing your face off” Wong on Aug 9th

Jimmy “I will sing your face off” Wong on Aug 9th

Aug 08

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Ching, Chong, Means I Love You, Jimmy Wong will be in studio with us LIVE this coming tuesday Aug 9th at 8p pst.

Not only will he be bringing his good looks and dashing style, but he’ll be bringing his musical talents as we have an ALL MUSICAL show for you this week.

Make sure to check out Jimmy’s YouTube page www.youtube.com/jimmy and follow him on twitter: @jfwong he’s always up to something good.

We’ll be covering the news as only the real cool club can, if you ever have cool news you think we should read, make sure to tweet it to us @therealcoolclub or leave a link on our facebook wall.

Our resident ChatHole A-Hole Scott Moore will be manning the chat room for all your secret needs, that is if he ever gets over all the prunes we fed him last week.

Ethan is still nursing his hangover from all the beer during our Power Hour, and cats have been following Lindsay around for days. If you missed our AUDIENCE CHOICE POWER HOUR, go here RIGHT NOW, no really NOW.

We’ll see you at 8p pst on www.thestream.tv go tell all your little school yard friends. And you mom. We like moms. (not in that way…)(well maybe)

The Greatest (POWER) Hour Ever!! – The Real Cool Club – S03E07

The Greatest (POWER) Hour Ever!! – The Real Cool Club – S03E07

Aug 04

Oh dear, what did we do? No really, what in the name of Walter Cronkite’s ghost made us think that a POWER HOUR would be a good idea?!?!?
Oh, that’s right we LOVE you the loyal viewers of THE REAL COOL CLUB!!! THAT’S why we did it.

And boy, we regret this more than that one time we < censored >.

Prunes, beer, sardines, pepperoncinis, pork rinds, gum and animal cookies all ended up in a goopey mess in our toilets the next morning. Watch the origin story of all this food as we take on AUDIENCE CHOICE POWER HOUR.

If you laugh at any of us during this show, know there is a special place for you in the 19th circle of hell, right next to people who punch kittens, steal candy from little kids on Halloween, and the producers of Jersey Shore.

We talk about all the cool news items of late, including cool trips to space, duct tape costumes, MTV turning 30 and so much more.
We get a long over due visit from Chunkstradamus who tells us (in a slightly drunk way) all the things that shall come in the near future.

We pick winners for our PhotoChop Shop and our July YouTube comment winner who all won some sweet Jinx.com codes. So make sure to tell everyone you know to Subscribe to our YouTube channel and go leave some comments.

We’re serious, if you laugh at us during this episode…shame on you. Or shame on us. We still don’t know.


PhotoChop Shop for 8.2.11

PhotoChop Shop for 8.2.11

Aug 01

For this week’s PhotoChop Shop we’re going to give you full licence to do whatever you want. If you missed it we are doing a POWER HOUR this week on the show.

In honor of probably not being able to see straight by the time we get around to choosing a winner of the PhotoChop Shop, go out there find pictures of Ethan Newberry, Lindsay Harbert, Scott Moore, Brian Gramo, and Andrew Seely and chop the hell out of them. Be creative. Use power hour in there. We don’t care. Just make them awesome.

When you are done, make sure to post them to TheStream.tv’s facebook wall and tag The Real Cool Club.

You could win a token for the xbox 360 drawing at the end of August or you could walk away with some sweet stuff from Jinx.com

Get Choppin.

The “Power Hour” Returns on 8/2/11 LIVE 8p pst on thestream.tv

The “Power Hour” Returns on 8/2/11 LIVE 8p pst on thestream.tv

Aug 01

You’ve been waiting to find out what all this P.H. stuff was about and here you go.

Well boys and girls you heard it here first. Or maybe you heard it on twitter first. Or maybe you heard it on facebook first. Well one way or another you heard it, or you just may be deaf (we like the deaf!), but we have something to tell you.

YOU. Yes YOU. We mean YOU. Get to decide live on Tuesday’s show on August 2nd what we will be consuming during the Power Hour.

If you live under a rock and have no idea what the POWER HOUR is, then it goes like this, every minute for 60 whole minutes. Each of us will consume something every minute. Sometimes it a shot of beer every 60 seconds. Sometimes it’s a chicken nugget (See The Game Show episode). Sometimes it’s things we don’t want to even talk about.

Make sure to tune in and see what happens. We’ll show you some items and then we’ll ask you to decide which ones of them we’ll have to endure 60 times for the BEST POWER HOUR EVER!! Tell your friends. Tell your dog. Tell the paramedics. Please tell the paramedics.

And don’t forget to get your PhotoChop Shops in see this post for more details. You could win an xbox 360 and/or some sweet gear from Jinx.com