The Greatest (POWER) Hour Ever!! – The Real Cool Club – S03E07

The Greatest (POWER) Hour Ever!! – The Real Cool Club – S03E07

Aug 04

Oh dear, what did we do? No really, what in the name of Walter Cronkite’s ghost made us think that a POWER HOUR would be a good idea?!?!?
Oh, that’s right we LOVE you the loyal viewers of THE REAL COOL CLUB!!! THAT’S why we did it.

And boy, we regret this more than that one time we < censored >.

Prunes, beer, sardines, pepperoncinis, pork rinds, gum and animal cookies all ended up in a goopey mess in our toilets the next morning. Watch the origin story of all this food as we take on AUDIENCE CHOICE POWER HOUR.

If you laugh at any of us during this show, know there is a special place for you in the 19th circle of hell, right next to people who punch kittens, steal candy from little kids on Halloween, and the producers of Jersey Shore.

We talk about all the cool news items of late, including cool trips to space, duct tape costumes, MTV turning 30 and so much more.
We get a long over due visit from Chunkstradamus who tells us (in a slightly drunk way) all the things that shall come in the near future.

We pick winners for our PhotoChop Shop and our July YouTube comment winner who all won some sweet codes. So make sure to tell everyone you know to Subscribe to our YouTube channel and go leave some comments.

We’re serious, if you laugh at us during this episode…shame on you. Or shame on us. We still don’t know.


PhotoChop Shop for 8.2.11

PhotoChop Shop for 8.2.11

Aug 01

For this week’s PhotoChop Shop we’re going to give you full licence to do whatever you want. If you missed it we are doing a POWER HOUR this week on the show.

In honor of probably not being able to see straight by the time we get around to choosing a winner of the PhotoChop Shop, go out there find pictures of Ethan Newberry, Lindsay Harbert, Scott Moore, Brian Gramo, and Andrew Seely and chop the hell out of them. Be creative. Use power hour in there. We don’t care. Just make them awesome.

When you are done, make sure to post them to’s facebook wall and tag The Real Cool Club.

You could win a token for the xbox 360 drawing at the end of August or you could walk away with some sweet stuff from

Get Choppin.

The “Power Hour” Returns on 8/2/11 LIVE 8p pst on

The “Power Hour” Returns on 8/2/11 LIVE 8p pst on

Aug 01

You’ve been waiting to find out what all this P.H. stuff was about and here you go.

Well boys and girls you heard it here first. Or maybe you heard it on twitter first. Or maybe you heard it on facebook first. Well one way or another you heard it, or you just may be deaf (we like the deaf!), but we have something to tell you.

YOU. Yes YOU. We mean YOU. Get to decide live on Tuesday’s show on August 2nd what we will be consuming during the Power Hour.

If you live under a rock and have no idea what the POWER HOUR is, then it goes like this, every minute for 60 whole minutes. Each of us will consume something every minute. Sometimes it a shot of beer every 60 seconds. Sometimes it’s a chicken nugget (See The Game Show episode). Sometimes it’s things we don’t want to even talk about.

Make sure to tune in and see what happens. We’ll show you some items and then we’ll ask you to decide which ones of them we’ll have to endure 60 times for the BEST POWER HOUR EVER!! Tell your friends. Tell your dog. Tell the paramedics. Please tell the paramedics.

And don’t forget to get your PhotoChop Shops in see this post for more details. You could win an xbox 360 and/or some sweet gear from

Sean Becker aka The Vajazzler – The Real Cool Club – S03E06

Sean Becker aka The Vajazzler – The Real Cool Club – S03E06

Jul 28

Ladies and Gentlemen we present to you our archived episode featuring the man, the myth, the guy Sean Becker ( Also check out the kickstarter page for season 2 of the Jeff Lewis 5 minute Comedy Hour.

In the episode we tell you all the news, and tell you if it’s cool or uncool. We bring back your favorite new segment Lindsay Lingo, where Lindsay has to define terms that revolve around Comic Con. We sent ChatHole A-Hole Scott Moore and producer Andrew Seely to Comic Con and they share some of what they saw (you can also find more of their videos on our youtube page).

We announce the winners of our PhotoChop Shop for this week and award a token for an xbox360 giveaway and both the winner and runner up get $15 toward threads from

PhotoChop Shop Contest – 7/26/11 – Sean Becker

PhotoChop Shop Contest – 7/26/11 – Sean Becker

Jul 25

that's the same face sean makes when he has sex

How would you like to win a brand spanking new Xbox360 with kinect? Well, we have one to giveaway. Well sorta. You can win a token to be in a drawing for a new Xbox, the drawing is this friday during the All New Game Show. The odds are great.

Also like we did last week. The winner of the PhotoChop Shop will win a token for the Xbox AND will win $15 worth of stuff from Our runner up will also receive $15 worth of stuff from We’re all about giving stuff away here on The Real Cool Club.

Get Choppin. Sean Becker will be on the show LIVE to judge your entries and pick a winner and a runner up.

To enter, post your picture to’s facebook page and be sure to tag The Real Cool Club!

Don’t forget about our comment contest too, we’ll pick a winner from comments on our YouTube videos from this month, so go leave a comment and we’ll randomly pick a winner, you’ll get $30 towards stuff.
Make sure to turn in an entry and watch LIVE on Tuesday July 26th at 8p pst.